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Etching techniques - Different printing techniques

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Article Index
Etching techniques
Brief description
Different printing techniques
Kinds of engraved printing
Enqraving technique - burin
Engraving technique - Dry point
Engraving technique - Black art
Engraving technique - Punching
Etching technique - The etching
Etching technique - Color etching
Etching technique - Soft ground
Etching technique - Crayon method
Etching technique - Water tint
Etching technique - Stipple engraving
Printing of an etching
Comparative example of some techniques
The edition
The presentation
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Etching is a technique that belongs to the group of engraved printing. There are three more printing techniques:

  1. relief printing: technique where the ink and the image is put on the higher level of the plates; typography, wood engraving, lino-cut, woodcut.
  2. engravings: the image and the ink lays in the plate; burin engraving, dry point, etching, soft ground, black art, color etching, crayon method, water tint, punching, stipple engraving, heliogravure.
  3. planography: the printed and unprinted parts are on the same level; lithography, chromolithography, monotype-techniques, offset, offset-color print, silk-screen process, stencil.
  4. collotype: technique to convert drawings and images to light sensitive paper; photography, graphical photography, light printing, contact print, chemigraphy, luminography, ...